Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, I've FINALLY gotten started on my first tattoo, like many say, go big or go home and i went pretty big. I got a half sleeve Hibiscus flowers.

I have been on the fence about a tattoo since i was 21, and at 26 i started my first, i go back to get shading done in 2 weeks and am excited. I will post more pics as soon as its done.

Its funny how you learn new things about your friends when you get a tattoo thats different from the norm, I mean getting flowers (FLOWERS LOL) on your arm is definitely different but i wasn't going to go cliche and get praying hands or something like that, i think that a tatt should have significance, and this one definitely does. To expand on that i remember telling one of my female friends about it and her response was, "that sounds gay" I cracked up laughing, its funny how we are all so educated but when something is different than the norm, and in some ways thought of by society as feminine (flowers) the connotation is that it is gay. Am I gay? No, I think who one chooses to sleep with is their biz and i think that the perspective of people regardless of race, age, or sexuality is important, but let me get off the soap box, I was taken aback by that response but i let it go, not wanting to start a debate and most people don't give their real feelings when I tell them that something is related to my brother. But i left it alone, it really did and always will stick out in my mind.

yeah i know i need to work out lol

inner arm shot

another angle

So, I have gotten started, went and got my outlining done

ps i had to let the old blog reeseisms go becuase i wanted to take a different direction with my blogging, i figure this one will be much better and i will post everyday (word TO T!)